insane meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
insane meaning in tamil is பைத்தியக்காரன், பைத்தியக்காரி

insane meaning in tamil with example

insane tamil meaning and more example for insane will be given in tamil.
A man with a guitar and the little dream to get his audience to walk away with something to think about for most it might seem insane for the rockstar to get involved with a cause but for Rabbi his music is his domain. The Government should take steps to regulate such serials as the present generation is quickly imbibing this insane culture to the discomfort of elders. Besides Ajayan who also transforms himself into his father for a few scenes by putting on a pair of spectacles and a headgear there is only one other character his insane mother in whose role Sathya Raj excelled. While one does not expect such insane and insensitive elements to cooperate with the police or help the victims the least they can do is stop making hoax calls and wasting others time. Ludwig whose fantastical castle at Neuschwanstein aptly featured in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang drew up plans for a flying car more than two decades before the Wright brothers took to the air but when he tried to build it he was declared insane and stripped of his crown. But his dreams of flying over the mountains of Bavaria only convinced his opponents that he was mad and he was declared insane on 10 June 1886 and deposed. When she was going around the village nude last night Maraiah tried to catch her redhanded but he became insane by morning villagers alleged. Mohanan Chennai Protests against an insane incident in Kanpur leading to the loss of four lives were unwarranted. Duped In the recent instance the police arrested two marriage brokers and two qazis on the charge of duping the girls into marrying two insane Omanis Salem and Yousuf.