input meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
input meaning in tamil is உள்ளீடுசெய்

input meaning in tamil with example

input tamil meaning and more example for input will be given in tamil.
The Indian steel industry after having witnessed a roller coaster ride in prices during 2005 largely due to skyrocketing input prices earlier in the year has settled down to more realistic levels. There is space for innovations and States have been encouraged to take input from adolescents and young people in implementing the strategy. To attain the set goal intelligence should be the input and this can be achieved by proper guidance by parents teachers and friends he added. Tata Motors has also decided to hike the prices of its passenger cars mainly owing to increase in input costs. GHCL a soda ash producer on Friday said it had ramped up the production capacity of its Romanian plant and had started implementing cost reduction measures in input costs of raw materials and utilities. Nair said the main reason why it failed to deliver the goods in the State was its dependence on high input technology which turned out to be unsustainable. Likewise diploma courses of oneyear duration in biotechnology medicinal plants and input management will be open for farmers and fertilizer dealers. This review should be done with input from professionals who knew the intricacies of the sector in India. Our input cost has gone up primarily due to the prevailing high prices of hank yarn being quoted at nearly 35 per cent above normal level for different counts. 156 crores input subsidy to farmers who were not covered under crop insurance scheme the Congress Government had failed to keep the promise twice the TDP pointed out.