innocence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
innocence meaning in tamil is குற்றமின்மை, களங்கமின்மை, அப்பாவித்தனம்

innocence meaning in tamil with example

innocence tamil meaning and more example for innocence will be given in tamil.
As a misguided but well meaning Rightwing youth leader he brings to the screen a simmering rage a searing intensity that acts as the perfect foil to the cherubic innocence of Soha Ali Khan the youthful ardour of Kunal Kapoor and gentle mischief of Sharman. Police believed that youth among Girijans were supporting the Maoist party due to their innocence and had accordingly lifted cases against 250 naxalite sympathisers filed during the last 15 years in several police stations in the district. He pleaded innocence for the wrong done to the system during TDP regime saying the bureaucrats had set up obstacles. While the councillors felt slighted by the Trust the Trustees themselves claimed innocence of any act that militated against civic authorities. The jihad in Uttar Pradesh A curious innocence pervades the questions that are being asked after the Varanasi bombings. It was particularly useful to test pleas of innocence in crimes lacking thirdparty witnesses such as heresy or infanticide. The wounds were bound up and if they were judged by an adjudicating priest to be healing within three days innocence was assumed. Much depended on the decorum of the victims and the confidence they displayed in their innocence by choosing it. It was a world of innocence where the great characters from the epics sported wide grin and lovable appearances on the dais. Presumption of innocence Additional Solicitor General Gopal Subramanian appearing on behalf of the Attorney General said the question of maintainability of the petition should be considered.