injustice meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
injustice meaning in tamil is அநீதி, அனியாயம்

injustice meaning in tamil with example

injustice tamil meaning and more example for injustice will be given in tamil.
Rama Rao criticised the injustice meted out to Kakinada and attributed it to the complacency of local political leaders. The CITU State Mahasabha slated to be held here from January 5 to 8 would deliberate on workers right to wage strike injustice to working classes and agitations by unorganised labour LIC union divisional general secretary B.V.S. Raju said. With the latest development injustice has been allowed to jump the queue trampling upon justice in wait. Intriguingly it was after the Liberation faction of the CPI ML and the Democratic Employees Forum highlighted the appalling levels of injustice and official apathy towards Bant Singh did the Mansa district authorities realise the gravity of the situation. Cane growers woes Canegrowers were being meted out injustice as the Government had failed to ensure remunerative price to their produce. Sagar said demonstrations will be held in all district headquarters on February 7 to protest the injustice being meted out to Dalit engineers. Subhashan Reddy Chairman Andhra Pradesh Human Rights Commission said if the Government took care of primary needs likes education health nutrition and sanitation there would be no sense of injustice leading to extreme feelings like communalism. Prakash district president and Duvva Seshu Babji district secretary respectively of the CITU said they would not allow the injustice meted out to the workers in the name of encouraging exportoriented industries. The injustice meted out earlier to communities such as Ezhava had not been taken into account he said.