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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inherit meaning in tamil is மரபுரிமையாகப் பெறு

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While expenditure realisation was good the State is also taking initiatives for optimum utilisation of its inherit strengths he said. Without major correctives future generations will inherit a world that is much poorer in its biological diversity and in its gross natural wealth. It is the parent party led now by Brindaban Goswami that looks all set to inherit the legacy of the AGP. However for Sergei Bubka Junior it is a legacy he is proud to inherit and it is also about being comfortable with his name. With this he said while they would get all the ownership rights along with the right to fully inherit and transfer the property without spending any money the status of the society would be reduced merely to a promoter with no interference in the affairs of the complex. Prasanna Sree is also doing research on the tribal languages and the culture of songs that the tribals seem to inherit since time immemorial. It is on such deemed partition that the legal heirs inherit the share of the fatherhusband from the share which the deceased would have got on such partition. Hirabai Khandappa Magdum 1981 129 ITR 440 SC referred by the reader ruled that the legal heirs of the deceased would inherit the share that would have been allotted to the deceased coparcener as if a partition had taken place on the date of his death. The biggest change made by the Act is that women are made eligible to inherit and hold property in the same way as men. But his nephew Devraj Vijayaraghavan a city police commissioner does not relish it as his dream to inherit the property of Krishnadas is spoiled.