inhale meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inhale meaning in tamil is மூச்சு வாங்கு

inhale meaning in tamil with example

inhale tamil meaning and more example for inhale will be given in tamil.
People who inhale the poisonous smoke from these burning waste are prone to various diseases concerning with lungs and cancer says its coordinator S. Termed the worst blaze yet at the yard it left only one option for the people inhale the smoke and suffer. The handbill warns the voters against those who will come to them with attractive promises after forcing them to inhale noxious fumes and consume flies. The committee sarcastically asks in the handbill During the last elections civic polls the Mayor T. The street children procure shoepolish thinner and adhesives which contain turpentine from shops and inhale them to get a high. The recuperator oven is designed in such a way that those working in puffed rice factories do not inhale dioxins. Vali said that Gupta had gone to her house at 3.30 p.m. on Thursday and forced her to inhale chloroform. While smoking forces even nonsmokers to inhale the smoke passive smoking chewing tobacco invariably results in people spitting on public spaces even walls of Government buildings turning them into eyesores. KO tablets are not harmful as the residue of chemicals remains only on the net and the user does not inhale it. Today one can witness colourful water on either of Tiruchy Road right from Venkatalaxmi Kalyanamandapam Perks the pride of Singanallur. Alongside Uzhavar Sandai one can inhale a variety of smells emanating from effluents of the industries. My sense of identification with the State heightens every time I overhear a conversation in Malayalam or when I inhale the appetising smell of coconut oil at some hotel said Ms.