ingredient meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ingredient meaning in tamil is உணவு சமைப்பதற்குப் பயன்படும் பொருள்கள், செய்பொருள்

ingredient meaning in tamil with example

ingredient tamil meaning and more example for ingredient will be given in tamil.
A warm sunny end to a year a rare event in Delhi with rain being a constant ingredient at most yearend parties the ordinary folks New Years Eve hangout Connaught Place was crowded since morning. Instead it has made a free technology transfer of the secret ingredient that gives the net its longlife properties. On the condition that the company should reveal the ingredient used for making soft drinks the reply said no poisonous or prohibited substances were used or found in the products. According to the study carried out in mice exposure to small amounts of an ingredient in polycarbonate plastic may increase a persons risk of diabetes. The new overseas facility will help in assessing ingredient manufacturers and in selling their products in the global market USP executive vicepresident and CEO Roger L. According to him USPIndia plans to launch an ingredient verification programme in the tremendously growing market for which the firm has started building the capacity in the Hyderabad facility. Commitment R.P. Singh has backed his ambition and ability with an essential ingredient 151 commitment. While Ranbaxy has the active pharmaceutical ingredient API form ready and is working on making the formulation in a time line Hetero Drugs has already supplied five lakh tablets at Rs. The chemical name for the dangerous ingredient getting into passenger aircraft is triorthocresyl phosphate more commonly known as TCP. Science Day reminds us that the important ingredient for societal transformation will mainly come from science.