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Ravi pointed out that the freedom of expression for a certain section of people should not mean infringing upon the sentiments of the other. It said that it would be for the Election Commission to issue due directionsframe guidelines without infringing the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression. Vikram Rao has said there is nothing wrong in the media going ahead with sting operations to unearth corruption and clandestine deals but warned them against infringing on peoples privacy. Governments and organisations around the world have made gestures of support for journalists on World Press Freedom Day on Wednesday but at least one reporter was killed and dozens of leaders came under fierce criticism for infringing on free expression. She had found certain clauses in the Bill originally titled as Rajasthan Dharma Swatantrya Bill 2006 infringing on the fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and expression freedom of conscience and freedom to profess practice and propagate religion. The Centre had reiterated that no steps infringing upon the rights of the employees of the Life Insurance Corporation LIC of India would be taken. Officers have been asked to tackle law and order without infringing on the rights of the accused he said. Mexicans and any other populists who try to copy it should beware that they are infringing a copyright. The aim is to work on a conducive learning atmosphere without infringing on childrens rights she said. This advice followed complaints to the RBI alleging that the company was engaged in in nonbanking financial activities infringing Sec.