influence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
influence meaning in tamil is செல்வாக்கு, ஆற்றல்

influence meaning in tamil with example

influence tamil meaning and more example for influence will be given in tamil.
The influence of the under currents between Chappell and Ganguly gradually permeated into the administration leading to the bitter fight during the BCCI election. The Government should not underestimate the influence wielded by 50000 private institutions across the State he said. They were followed by people dressed up as soldiers of yore bringing back memories of the Portuguese Dutch and English influence in Fort Kochi. Obscene posters have been put up near educational institutions and are bound to have a negative influence on youngsters. On whether Jain leaders and swamijis could address the problem by convincing leaders and others he said community leaders are not politicians usually though they have influence over them. The interests of the contractors seemed to have more influence on the Government in the implementation of the project. Natesan added that though the SNDP Yogam would continue to exert its influence as a political force it was not in favour of forming a political party. He called upon delegates to the Karshaka Sanghom conference drawn from all parts of Kerala to prepare themselves for protracted struggles both at State and national levels to influence the polices of Central and State Governments. Bachchan said the hoarding carried a still from the film Family and was not intended to influence anyone or to violate any law. The U.S. attempts to debunk the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation SCO and to challenge Russias influence in Central Asia suffered a severe setback.