infertile meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
infertile meaning in tamil is மலடி

infertile meaning in tamil with example

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Large tracts of fertile lands became infertile and more are on the verge of being rendered useless for farming following the use of chemicals. He said his Government had utilised 379 hectares of infertile land in the State to produce tea leaves and had set up two processing factories at Kausani and Champawat areas. A recent survey of metro women has indicated that 73 per cent of infertile women who were below ideal weight conceived spontaneously when their weight was corrected. Now that the State Government has decided to transfer the class C D lands degraded infertile forest land from the Forest Department to the Revenue Department the implementation of housing schemes is expected to gather momentum. His laboratory maps differences in gene expression in germ cell lineage in fertile and infertile human subjects and model animals using high throughput genomic and proteomic tools. Kashempur was visiting the farm of Chandrappa Biradar of Ghodampalli in Bidar taluk a progressive farmer who has turned an infertile terrain into an agro forest.