inferior meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inferior meaning in tamil is தாழ்வான

inferior meaning in tamil with example

inferior tamil meaning and more example for inferior will be given in tamil.
Just a feeling that the big payoff of the modern disease of selfimprovement is that we all fail and end up feeling even more inferior than before. The Government received complaints about use of inferior quality materials in various parts of the State. Each one has a specific role to play and we have group leaders irrespective of their level in the organisational structure. Urging universities to incorporate practical models into the curriculum he told students No job is inferior or superior. It is also alleged that the asbestos pipes laid two decades ago for the main distribution network were of inferior quality and that they could seldom withstand the heavy pressure inside. The devotees who had their food on Thursday afternoon registered their protest against the inferior quality of food being served to them and refused to have meals. Manjunath alleged that a seed dealer in Davangere distributed inferior quality seeds to farmers of Davangere district. They noted that many coffee growers are planting inferior variety of trees in place of the local species as they can be easily cut and sold. Claiming that there was also a shortage in supply of rice wheat and kerosene in the fair price shops the BJP leader charged that the wheat being supplied therein was of a very inferior quality. 151 Staff Reporter Adulterated food Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Health Standing Committee chairman G.R. Anil has warned traders against selling inferior quality food and drinks. It said though the rice supplied by the Food Corporation of India FCI was of good quality the stocks in the godown of the Civil Supplies Corporation and that used by the Vanchi Poor Fund were inferior and contained bacteria.