inevitable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inevitable meaning in tamil is தவிர்க்க முடியாத

inevitable meaning in tamil with example

inevitable tamil meaning and more example for inevitable will be given in tamil.
He said it was inevitable that strong genetic components would be discovered at the root of many more human characteristics such as personality type language capability intelligence quality of memory and athletic ability. The demonstrators said the protest became inevitable because the elected members concerned had ignored their pleas for water. Urban planners argue that a certain element of subsidy in urban transport may be inevitable as it is necessary to protect at least some sections of commuters. For those who dont prefer the fried stuff there is always a choice of gravy curries 151 mirch ka saalan and the inevitable bagaara baigan. Widening inevitable When contacted District Collector Navin Mittal said that the widening of the road to 120 feet would become inevitable if the owners and tenants did not agree to widening to just 100 feet as previous agreed. Islamism will spawn its inevitable fanatical progeny and Iraq till now mainly a magnet for panIslamic jihadists will become Afghanstyle a main exporter of them too it already is in fact as the Jordanian suicide bombings illustrated. While some retrenchment was inevitable in the face of a doubtful economic future too much of cutting back could endanger what newspapers did well in the new media jungle. Efficient and fair procedures for compensating farmers when slaughter of their birds becomes inevitable for saving human lives must be an essential part of such advance planning. Reading had become inevitable for students following the introduction of the new curriculum he said.