indifference meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
indifference meaning in tamil is உதாசீனப்படுத்து

indifference meaning in tamil with example

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This rude indifference could perhaps be explained away by touting the Sangh Parivars makebelieve axiom that the organisation took precedence over individuals. But we need to seriously reflect upon the extent of brutality some of us can show and the indifference many exhibit today for the worst of crimes. According to Mathew Maleparambil officebearer the issue centres on the Governments indifference to the longstanding demand for lifting the ban on appointments so that enough staff could be appointed. The emergence of nuclear family system and the decreasing emotional bonding are leading to a general indifference on other forms of life. It is not the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board KIADB but a cluster of industries that are fed up with the indifference of the authorities concerned. The Government and the ruling party in the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike BMP show utter indifference to the report and its implications Mr. The incident where a woman delivered a baby outside the labour room and subsequently accused the staff of indifference ended up showing the hospital in poor light. These two episodes have made the citys claim of being the countrys medical capital appear hollow as the list of complaints including bribe demands by the security indifference on part of medical and paramedical staff and infants missing from maternity hospitals keep growing. According to Sami there was reservation facility for Muslims during British reign till 1947 which was later scrapped due to indifference of ruling classes.