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Mayes is an ombudsman who works independently within news organisations as an interface between readers listeners and viewers on the one hand and journalists and editors on the other. The result of this recommendation would be that every secondary school pupil would have the opportunity of studying the mother tongue either independently or in association with the regional language as well as English and Hindi. To write a regular column addressing one or several aspects of readers concerns suggestions and complaints the content to be determined independently and not subject to prior approval by the EditorinChief or others on the staff other than in respect of matters of fact and style. We are working out a solution whereby the Tourism Department can independently go ahead with the project. TILL SOME time back phones radios computers and TVs had operated independently as they had distinct and separate technologies and networks. The applicants had to independently fulfil the criteria laid down by the Central Government for getting the pension. As such a person engages in action for its own sake without worrying about the outcome he can act independently and accept the result with equanimity of mind. The women SHGs in the country were functioning independently and there is no political interference in their functioning he said. For instance the BJP has come close to instigating the President to act independently of the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. Some of them suggested at the mahotsavam that why couldnt hoteliers come together and conduct something of this kind independently and in a more organised way.