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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
independent meaning in tamil is அரசியற் கட்சிகளில் சேராத சுயேட்சையாளர், சுதந்திரமான, தனியாகச் செயற்படுகிற

independent meaning in tamil with example

independent tamil meaning and more example for independent will be given in tamil.
Some of the initiatives taken by the Independent Commission for Peoples Rights and Development ICPRD during 2005 stand out as shining examples of attempts to restore the citizens faith in democracy. A senior Independent woman councillor has raised her objection to the collection of funds from the public for the proposed Underground Drainage UGD scheme at the Municipal Council meeting held here on Friday. After independent MLA from Indi joined the party it gained in strength and launched a vigorous campaign. The AISF leaders called upon the MPs and MLAs to resign from their posts and join the struggle for an independent university. But the census to be conducted from January 15 will include the stateoftheart technology devised by wildlife biologists and the entire exercise will be monitored by independent observers from the Centre and approved by the Wildlife Institute of India Dehra Dun. Well make efforts to accelerate the pace of reform and openingup enhance capability in independent innovation give impetus to the shift in economic restructuring and in the mode of economic growth and improve the quality and results of economic growth he said. There has been substantial quibbling over the definition of independent directors and on the arms length relationship they are supposed to maintain with the promoters. Can an independent director who gets sitting fees and even a share in the profits be allowed to continue his role as a consultant. Also it has been claimed that the stringent penalties proposed for various acts of omission and commission will discourage the right type of people from volunteering to be independent directors.