incubator meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
incubator meaning in tamil is அடைகாப்புக்குருவி

incubator meaning in tamil with example

incubator tamil meaning and more example for incubator will be given in tamil.
In a shocking incident a premature baby was charred to death at Niloufer Hospital when the incubator caught fire following a short circuit in the wee hours of Monday. A day after a premature baby kept in an incubator was charred to death due to an electric shortcircuit Niloufer Hospital has been advised to use warmers instead of incubators. After delivery due to underweight of the children The children were found to be underweight and kept in the incubator for two months. Given the fact that there was an acute shortage of incubator facilities the policies governing the sector should be rationalised while the cost and barriers to entry into the segment need to be reduced. Ramachandran principal of the college and coordinator of the conference said that the Rs.fivecrore scheme Periyar Technology Business Incubator Scheme had been introduced in the college. Food processing Awake has invited applications for women for rural and urban areas for utilisation of food processing incubator in its premises for preparation of tomato products fruit juices varieties of fruit jam and masala powders. As part of the agreement a Technology Business Incubator will be set up in Warangal in coordination with nodal industries. Now Technology Business Incubator TBI the reincarnation of the STEP is vigorously promoted by DST. The doctors reportedly advised her relatives to keep the baby in an incubator at a private nursing home. It would also aim at developing new vaccines futuristic diagnostics and biological drugs and establishing an incubator for development of products.