increased meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
increased meaning in tamil is அதிகரித்துள்ளது

increased meaning in tamil with example

increased tamil meaning and more example for increased will be given in tamil.
These reserves had increased by 1.057 billion during the preceding week ended December 16 as compared to the week ago period. On the other hand the Congressled coalition increased its tally by four after the byelections which anointed it back to power. The Chamber said the introduction of VAT had increased revenue collection considerably widened tax base and minimised the scope of corruption. The flow of pilgrims that was affected last year to the Velankanni church due to the tsunami disaster had increased manyfold this year. With the presence of major automobile companies such as Ashok Leyland TVS Hindustan Motors Tetra and a thousand ancillary automobile units the production of automobile components has increased manifold in Hosur in the last few years. The project was implemented in 100 hectares during 200405 and had been increased to 200 hectares in the current year. 200 crore that accrued to it through increased hydel generation to the consumers this year the Minister said. Agricultural production Already the area covered under cultivation has increased by another 12250 hectares. As higher GDP growth rates led to enhanced per capita incomes in these economies global corporations increased their investment levels. Greater exposure to emerging markets and the increased confidence of MNCs in the ability of their local subsidiaries to carry out complex tasks led to the establishment of locallybased RD centres. The private sector as a whole including all types of ownerships excluding foreign increased their corporate tax liability by 138 per cent at Rs.16809 crores against Rs.7068 crores during the last four years.