increase meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
increase meaning in tamil is அதிகமாக்கு

increase meaning in tamil with example

increase tamil meaning and more example for increase will be given in tamil.
Despite the global recession Tamil Nadu saw a 29 per cent increase in the export of software products during 200809 Chief Minister M. Various conservation and forest protection activities will be taken up at an estimated cost of Rs.1 crores in the district to increase forest cover with the participation of people Minister for Transport and PowerR .Viswanathan has said. Mr.Viswanathan said the main objective of the scheme was to increase forest cover protect environment and flora and fauna of the forests. He advised the forest officials to strive hard to protect forests and increase the forest cover with effective participation of people. These figures were arrived at through the dubious pugmark count and it is significant that the number of herbivore animals such as spotted deer and sambar did not increase proportionately to support tigers and leopards whose numbers were said to have registered a steady increase. We expected a 40 per cent increase this year but we achieved only a 25 per cent growth for the U.S. market and 20 per cent for the European market says A. It also asked the Government to take steps to increase the taxGDP ratio which alone could generate resources for rural development and social sector spending. The commisson wanted to know from ONGC and GAIL as to what efforts they had made to fulfil their gas commitments to the projects and to increase the output from the existing gas wells. Advani had made the largest contribution for the rapid increase in the BJPs strength from two Lok Sabha seats in 1984 to nearly 200 its tally was 180 plus in the 13th Lok Sabha.