incorporating meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
incorporating meaning in tamil is கட்புறுத்தல்

incorporating meaning in tamil with example

incorporating tamil meaning and more example for incorporating will be given in tamil.
He suggested discussions with representatives of weavers cooperatives for a policy initiative incorporating different risks for insurance cover. The MGP has suggested that if legal principles to be decided by the High Court are likely to be generally applicable and not solely to the parties appearing before the court the Government should direct the court to issue a G.O. within a specific period incorporating its decision. Bihar Government has decided to reopen the issue of Bhagalpur communal riot of 1989 and bring out a white paper incorporating details of actions taken by the Government to book the perpetrators of crime as well as payment of compensations to victims families. A draft Bill incorporating the proposed changes will be circulated to the States and is expected to be enacted by Parliament into law by the end of May. In order to assist the civic administration in assessing the city planning requirements for incorporating them in the revised Master Plan he said a Town Planning Assistant was deputed to the Corporation under the AP Urban Services for the Poor APUSP scheme. It showcases a range of handloom fabrics incorporating classic warpweft combinations and modern qualities of convenience. On coming to know of the oversight the old notices they were withdrawn and revised notices incorporating the correct ACCD had been served it said. he business plans were based on incorporating the latest in digital image recognition to online tax consulting and filing promoting branded Khadi to medical tourism.