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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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He said the talks were inconclusive with the German team not clearly indicating yes or no about the project. Talks are inconclusive and there is a likelihood of another meeting JDS spokesperson Danish Ali told correspondents after the meeting. The discussions were inconclusive and we decided to carry on with them at our National Executive meeting to be held here from February 2526 partys national secretary D. Openended While the procedures are inconclusive and openended there is scope for the office of the Governor and the Speaker to act the way they did he said. Talks inconclusive Discussions held between members of the Syndicate subcommittee and student representatives on Saturday to resolve the deadlock remained inconclusive. On Wednesday the IAEA forwarded its assessment report on Irans nuclear status to the Security Council following three years of inconclusive inspections. Resuming his inconclusive speech Mr .Naidu demanded that the Government also place the files before the Speaker and that both be opened in the presence of all floor leaders in the Assembly. A special meeting of the Mangalore City Corporation Council convened on Wednesday to discuss the issue of a new abattoir remained inconclusive as members sought more details. Ukraines inconclusive vote creates new opportunities for Russia and the West to influence political processes in the second biggest Soviet republic. According to highly placed sources the meeting in Nirman Bhavan remained inconclusive as it was decided that matters should be further discussed and all the issues involved studied thoroughly before arriving at any decision.