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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
include meaning in tamil is உள்ளிட்டு, சேர்த்துக் கொள்

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Coconut shell handicrafts include making of spoons ladles forks icecream cups soup bowls tablelamps penstand jewellery etc. Foreign currency assets in dollars include the effect of revaluation of nonU.S. currencies such as Euro British pound sterling and Japanese yen held in reserves. The repair works planned include removing the debris of the collapsed retaining wall and the parapet adjacent to the twowheeler pathway on the Thirumanilayur side and sand filling of the basement of the approach road that was washed away in the current of the floods to prevent any further erosion. But the census to be conducted from January 15 will include the stateoftheart technology devised by wildlife biologists and the entire exercise will be monitored by independent observers from the Centre and approved by the Wildlife Institute of India Dehra Dun. This would include a compensation mechanism for the revenue loss that they may incur owing to the cut in their import duties. The guidelines include a welldefined training module for the basic health functionaries who would be involved in the implementation of RCHII. The Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta plans to get the draft electoral rolls ready by midFebruary to include all those who have turned 18 as of January 1 2006. Venkateswarlu informed that efforts will be made to include all the 44 nonnotified areas in the urban services scheme. Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs H.K. Patil told presspersons here on Saturday after a highlevel meeting on the issue that the participants discussed the need to include suggestions on fee structure and the question of bringing nonprofessional courses under the purview of the Bill.