inclination meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inclination meaning in tamil is விருப்பம், ஆசை

inclination meaning in tamil with example

inclination tamil meaning and more example for inclination will be given in tamil.
No inclination Noisy scenes heated arguments and interruptions in the proceedings show that the members have no inclination to uphold the dignity of the Parliament. When asked about the said inclination of a few Janata Dal S leaders to have a tieup with former Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiahs AllIndia Progressive Janata Dal AIPJD Mr. Dharam Singh and BJP rebel candidate Udaykumar Patil who was elected from Aurad constituency have shown their inclination to support the JDSBJP combine. Progressive idea Even as the college heads here are sceptical of the viability of the concept the Madras University has expressed its inclination to pursue it in right earnest. It is practically based on the inclination of land wind direction sunlight position of trees doors windows toilets kitchen and halls and openings to pass through light and power of nature. Each affiliated college is expected to enrol 50 student volunteers with appropriate inclination and potential from undergraduate classes. First there is an inclination to institutionalise these processes so that a change of the incumbent would not affect the efficiency. We reemphasise the commitment to resistance as a natural right of our people. Hamas has earlier indicated its inclination to have a longterm truce agreement with Israel but has opposed international pressure on it to disarm. Even a feeble attempt at suicide by a medicine overdose or consumption of household cleaning solutions should not be taken lightly because anyone who has shown an inclination for selfdestruction will invariably make repeated attempts one of which might turn out to be fatal.