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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
incense meaning in tamil is சாம்பிராணி போன்ற நறுமணப் பொருள்

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Among the collection are sake cups metal jars to hold tea leaves incense stick burners and a variety of plates that the Japanese use every day in their homes. Music in the air In most junctions and street corners special tents were erected and portraits of NTR with garlands and incense sticks were on display with loudspeakers blaring out soundtracks of NTRs mythological hit movies. Giving details about the exhibition M.B. Dyaberi Deputy Commissioner has in a statement said products ranging from Khadi silk leather goods wooden and sandal handicraft articles pickles sambar powder incense sticks would be on display. The six microenterprises are equipped to produce a variety of bamboo products for the modern market such as refill pens business card holders cell phone stands incense stick containers bangles and flower vases. The companys efforts to firm up advance orders have made some headway and incense stick containers made of bamboo by the Akshaya RSVY unit in Vythiri will be showcased by the ITC for launching its premium incense stick brand Spreeha in France next month. For instance debarking of the cinnamon tree for use as a spice and for making incense sticks would shortly lead to the destruction of the trees and wildlife that depended on the trees. The bank will help locate business partners for the incense sticks and initiate negotiations with them while ITC will finalise the deal and ensure supplies and deliveries ITC said in a press release. Saravanan Cycle brand has sponsored a mega incense stick The sixfoot high incense stick measuring 30 cm in circumference has the capacity to burn continuously for 24 hours.