incapable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
incapable meaning in tamil is இயலாமை

incapable meaning in tamil with example

incapable tamil meaning and more example for incapable will be given in tamil.
Metropolitan Thomas Athanasios told The HolyIndia that the attempt to enter the church was not a planned one and that it was just a step to draw the attention of the State authorities who appeared incapable of imposing the rule of law or to prevent the Jacobite hierarchy from entering the church. Since March 1998 they were encouraged to practice intrigue and lowlevel politics and now they are intellectually and mentally incapable of any kind of political wisdom or personal magnanimity. The Nitish government was incapable of constructing the approach roads which was responsibility of the state government he said alleging that Mr Kumar was now desperate to get such roads constructed by the central agencies. Both the major national parties are too weak at present and incapable of winning a majority on their own. Such rules are so absurd and intrusive that they are incapable of being implemented and will only bring in the licence raj in dog breeding and control the natural happy life of a dog in a home Mr. The domestic sewage of the city continues to flow in the Ganga from all 30 identified points and the five ghat sewage pumping stations are incapable of stopping the flow. Ryots are incapable of settling bills as a compounding amount is added to outstanding bills he pointed out. Both the Central and Uttar Pradesh Governments have proved to be totally incapable of containing the menace of terrorism which is spreading like a wildfire all over the country RSS national executive member Ram Madhav told PTI over phone from Hyderabad.