inadvertently meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inadvertently meaning in tamil is தற்செயலாக

inadvertently meaning in tamil with example

inadvertently tamil meaning and more example for inadvertently will be given in tamil.
Sachdeva 151 was handled with care by both Sriram and Badrinath the former capitalised when the bowlers shortened their length inadvertently before dragging on a Nanda long hop. Civilian prisoners Referring to the framework on dealing with the issue of civilian prisoners the spokeswoman called for a similar agreement to deal with the issue of civilians who inadvertently strayed across the border. Little does the home team realise that they may have inadvertently helped the Indians gain confidence as well as the muchdesired togetherness. In a match that was listless to say the least BEL got its allimportant goal in the 76th minute of play when a Arvind cross inadvertently struck stopper back Jaikumars hands. Earlier the court on July 22 2005 had allowed reopening of recording of evidence after the prosecution submitted that six keywitnesses including five senior police officials were inadvertently left out. Siddamma said that she had inadvertently raised her hand and her intention was not to support the BJP. Girl dies Devamma 12 daughter of Hanumantha fell ill when she inadvertently consumed poison instead of medicine at Sunnadkal village of Deodurga taluk on January 13. Zainul Abideen said some misguided Muslim youths inadvertently deviated from the mainstream to take the path of jihad after the demolition of Babri Majid at Ayodhya. We are inadvertently creating a conducive climate for their suicides by not allowing them to look beyond and realize that there are other important things in life than just academics he said.