inaccuracy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
inaccuracy meaning in tamil is தவறானவை, பிழை

inaccuracy meaning in tamil with example

inaccuracy tamil meaning and more example for inaccuracy will be given in tamil.
Rare inaccuracy In the rapid game the Israeli seemed determined to turn the tables on his Indian rival and had a clear advantage after Anand committed a rare inaccuracy. In the EditorinChiefs judgment the Open Page article already marred by a gross factual inaccuracy about the number of Indian stalls at the Hannover fair made sweeping and baseless assertions about the Indian products on display. Joining the league of activists dismayed over the perceived inaccuracy in the script for the show is the Mysore chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage INTACH and Mysore Heritage Foundation. Ponmudi said if at all there was any inaccuracy in the estimates of wasteland available it was due to the information provided by the previous Government. Glamour of air forces That military strategy is so casual about bomb inaccuracy is largely due to the technological glamour attached to air forces as against ground troops. The broad purpose of these audits was to uncover possible inaccuracy of the official tree count whether some of these trees can be saved from the axe and the status of the replantation claims being made by officials.