impunity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
impunity meaning in tamil is நஷ்டம், தீங்கு, தண்டணை என்பவற்றிலிருந்து விதிவிலக்கு

impunity meaning in tamil with example

impunity tamil meaning and more example for impunity will be given in tamil.
The Town Planning Act does not allow slums or temporary structures to appear just anywhere but builders are violating it with impunity and the authorities are not able to act. Drug peddlers perpetrators of crime against the nation and those who violated human rights with impunity should have to be firmly dealt with. Arora alleged people were defying the order with impunity and the city police were not taking action against them. But the hotels were functionng with impunity and there was total absence of intervention by the Government. Lahore and Faisalabad were bowling graveyards batsmen could fill their boots with impunity and there was little any bowler past or present could have done. Unfortunately enforcement of this law has been extremely poor clinics still advertise for the tests with impunity and there have hardly been any successful prosecutions. Though the arrest has put an end to their operation it has brought to limelight the ease and impunity with which they have managed to operate and thrive over the years. Clear indication He alleged that constitutional norms were being flouted with impunity by the UPA Government. In other words along with the dispensability of the displaced impunity is being advocated when the state breaches the dictum of the law 151 that the state has itself made. They say skinhead mobs are allowed to act with impunity because they help channel peoples anger at their social and economic hardships towards nonRussians. There is also the need to end impunity 151 to not allow human rights violators to get away 151 and to resolve the issue of the monarchy. Only an unconditional constituent assembly can provide the basis for tackling all these issues he added.