improvise meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
improvise meaning in tamil is புதுமையாக்கு

improvise meaning in tamil with example

improvise tamil meaning and more example for improvise will be given in tamil.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. the refining and marketing company of petroleum products is gearing up to improvise customer service standards and market premium products. Tale of missed chances It was once again a tale of missed opportunities for India which showed a better defence but was unable to improvise in attack. Based on the maiden experience which will be a regular feature in the years to come he has plans to improvise the competitions especially in the quiz competition by introducing audio and visual impact. Aiming for record Not satisfied with his golden contraption and its glitter he is trying to improvise it further by putting an additional seat on the rear and also a cycle chain golden of course. But even that time I was a creative person and would improvise my dresses by giving my own personal touch. To improvise upon a Max Weber formulation once routinisation of anxiety sets in the citizen is no longer vulnerable to fearmongering from the ramparts. The fourday break for students could only serve as a preparation phase to improvise on the approaching mocktest series. It is not a merger as speculated but only handing over the distribution for the time being to improvise the management the sources said.