improve meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
improve meaning in tamil is உயர்வுபடுத்து

improve meaning in tamil with example

improve tamil meaning and more example for improve will be given in tamil.
Well make efforts to accelerate the pace of reform and openingup enhance capability in independent innovation give impetus to the shift in economic restructuring and in the mode of economic growth and improve the quality and results of economic growth he said. To improve matters it had been planned to strengthen anganwadis so as to release them from sibling care Mr. He said none was against the use of modern technology in the bank to improve efficiency and quality of service. Education Plus spoke to some students to find out their plans and this is what they had to say To study well and improve our life say third year engineering students Niharika and Jyothi who are keen on cracking the campus interviews coming up in the New Year. Considering the chronic pain suffered by cancer patients there is a need to explore unconventional behavioural methods of pain relief not only to provide freedom from pain but also to improve the patients quality of life. I did improve on that last year which is reflected in my better showing but I can still do better than that Muller said. Soans said that bureaucrats came up with quick fix solutions like subsidies to improve the situation of farmers. Five selfhelp groups SHGs working under the banner of Bestnora a nongovernmental organisation are set to improve their microenterprises with the loan. Practice of various forms of pranayama and yoga would not only cure various diseases but also improve the personality of people. Kerala will be the first State in India to deploy the new posters in schools and is part of a series of community education initiatives and research into how to improve treatment for snakebite being carried out in a number of institutions in Kerala such as the Little Flower Hospital at Angamaly.