imprint meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
imprint meaning in tamil is ௮ச்சிலிடுதல்

imprint meaning in tamil with example

imprint tamil meaning and more example for imprint will be given in tamil.
But when the body was sent for the autopsy forensic experts grew suspicious over the ligature marks the imprint left by the knot in case of hanging and suspected a foul play. The strong imprint of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on Rajnath Singhs new team has dispelled the lingering doubts about where the principal Opposition party is headed under Mr. Going beyond politics to leave an imprint on a fresh canvas with paintings is his exhibition that gives people a chance to see a whole new side to a man who was once at the helm of the affairs in the country. Krishnaiah said the satakalu composition of poems would leave behind an indelible imprint in the minds of young students. The programme carries the imprint of the late David Horsburgh who ran a unique school at Neelbagh near Bangalore and was a member of the National Teacher Commission appointed by Indira Gandhi. The threeday International Literary Media Festival aims at discussing South Asian writing in English and the imprint it has left on the contemporary world and the impact of British writing in India today. So far the major complaints regarding elections reported have been publishing of posters and booklets without proper imprint lines identifying the publisher. Some of the passing years have left their imprint on her chiselled beauty undiminished remain her acting skills in a role where her speech seldom stains eloquent silence. He may have made a mark with his efforts to make Chennai clean and by constructing nearly a dozen overbridges but it will not be easy for him to leave an imprint in the Local Administration department.