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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
impotence meaning in tamil is ஆண்மைக்குறைவு

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From 3 p.m. on February 14 on Hussainsagars placid waters the Tourism Departments sedan tourist boat Bhageerathi will turn the venue for a firstofitskind encounter in the city one between people facing impotence and doctors dealing exclusively with the subject. The Osmania Medical College Doctors Forum OMCDF which is behind the unique programme feels that World Impotence Day is the right occasion to make people bring such problems out of the bedroom and take credible medical advice on the same. Lifestyle disorders like diabetes cardiovascular diseases hypertension alcoholism and smoking are increasing and so are impotence problems caused by them. Releasing a poster on erectile dysfunction he said the fact that smoking is linked to impotence has now been accepted as a standard antismoking campaign. With 10 of the 12 divisions of the U.S. army either in or on their way to Iraq the great hyperpower is reduced to impotence anywhere else. The rhetoric of impotence so prevalent in the west has been too effective and we are too weary to be surprised let alone act.