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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
impose meaning in tamil is திணித்தல்

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impose tamil meaning and more example for impose will be given in tamil.
No restriction According to the Irrigation authorities the Government did not impose any restriction on the paddy cultivation under the ayacut. Sripathi observed that Buchibabu had never tried to impose the values he believed in on his readers but tried to make his readers realise the importance of values and ethics. Addressing the 93rd session of the Indian Science Congress he said It globalisation is an effort of big economic powers to eliminate national barriers to impose themselves and to expand freely with their interests. The popular perception that those administrators who impose minimum tax are the good ones should change. The Government has decided to keep these cities absolutely clean and impose ban on consumption eggs fish and meat in these towns. The Mayor later told The HolyIndia that the Corporation would not impose any additional burden while accepting the ADB loan on the poorer sections of society. The petitioners argued that as the main objective of the amendment was to control pollution a subject covered by the Union List the State Government did not have the necessary legislative competence to impose such a tax which was essentially compensatory. For the Manmohan Singh Government the latest drive to refer Iran to the UNSC and impose sanctions as punishment poses a particularly difficult legal and political challenge. Indias vote against Iran for example led the U.S. to try and impose new conditions that ran counter to the letter and spirit of the July 18 nuclear agreement.