importance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
importance meaning in tamil is முக்கியம்

importance meaning in tamil with example

importance tamil meaning and more example for importance will be given in tamil.
While the media can contribute by exposing the ill effects of destroying biodiversity and also highlight the importance of conserving biodiversity the teaching community can encourage students and researchers to actively involve in measures aimed at shielding biodiversity. Nongovernmental organisations and environmentalists too can play an active role in educating people on the importance of conservation. The Maha Stupa yielded the corporeal remains of Lord Buddha which signifies the importance of the site said INTACH coconvener Srinivas Murthy. There are several projects that we are working on currently but among the most importance one is the elephant corridor project. Leading psychooncologist Brindha Sitaram on Sunday stressed the need for a drastic change in the patientdoctor relationship in the treatment of cancer with more importance given to psychosocial oncology. Community medicine expert and Karnataka Red Cross Society secretary N.G. Narayan who spoke on the importance of blood donation said that as against the total demand of 5 lakh units of blood in the State every year the average availability of blood ranges from 2.98 lakh units to 3.43 lakh units. Unless we realise the importance of the media and persuade it to partner with civil society in checking the spread of HIVAIDS we cannot succeed in creating a mass movement against the disease Dr. On measures to prevent AIDS Dr Ali said the campaign focused on spreading the message to the masses about the importance of avoiding multisex partners.