imperialism meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
imperialism meaning in tamil is ஏகாதிபத்தியம்

imperialism meaning in tamil with example

imperialism tamil meaning and more example for imperialism will be given in tamil.
Nasser said some of the tasks accomplished by his regime were the extinction of imperialism and feudalism and ending monopolistic tendencies and capitalist influence over Government. To check this imperialism was increasing its political and military aggressiveness the war against Iraq and the threat to Iran being the two most recent examples. Sergio Corrieri Hernandez president Institute of Friendship with People ICAP Cuba who spoke in Spanish translated by Sonia Gupta Professor of Linguistics University of Hyderabad said the solidarity meet might have ended but the struggle against imperialism would go on. In a message he described Netaji as a patriot who emerged as a legend with his fierce struggle against the tyranny of British imperialism and sacrifice for independence. Threat of imperialism These ideas have been pulverised by the history represented in the first place by the people and the consciousness of the people. Asked whether the Left parties which support the United Progressive Alliance Government at the Centre would be invited he said There cannot be anything without them including the third front. Any criticism of the U.S. imperialism was also not possible without the Left parties. Caracas Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged activists to launch a world offensive against capitalism and U.S. imperialism as the World Social Forum drew to a close. As a reaction to European imperialism and later a political development of the wests fight against communism and socialism Islamic fundamentalism is a quintessentially modern phenomenon.