impatience meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
impatience meaning in tamil is பொறுமையின்மை

impatience meaning in tamil with example

impatience tamil meaning and more example for impatience will be given in tamil.
On Thursday U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signalled growing impatience with Iran indicating that time is running out for it to avoid being brought before the U.N. Security Council. It calls upon the Government to take a note of the growing impatience among people for an improvement in their living conditions he added. Bolton detailed problems with the deeply troubled United Nations how scrapping the AntiBallistic Missile Treaty was a success and of growing impatience with action against Irans nuclear development. Putins visit Chinas top energy planner Zhang Guobao showed signs of impatience at the slow pace of progress calling it regrettable and criticising the Russian Governments unwillingness to support Chinese efforts to invest in Russias energy sector. Because of inadequate running time bus drivers tend to speed on arterial roads and show impatience even before the signal turns green. Now we can see that the elements were all there long ago impatience with the Labour party an awe for business a readiness to abuse the deformations of our political system for his own ends. Rahuls impatience with ceremony and his nofrills style have put an end to this touchyfeely camaraderie. But impatience tinged with alarm over the dangers inherent in the impasse is also building in western Europe. But the impatience we have witnessed leaves a bitter taste. All three leaders welcomed the reelection as Deputy Chairman of Congress member K. Even as signs of a desire for sustained peace are in sight on the ground there is evidence of growing impatience among some sections.