impartially meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
impartially meaning in tamil is நடுநிலையாக

impartially meaning in tamil with example

impartially tamil meaning and more example for impartially will be given in tamil.
Naidu told him that TDP had acted impartially and curbed communal riots when it was in power after Mr. It is not surprising therefore that these appointees are ever willing to oblige the ruling party at the Centre instead of being impartially guided by the constitutional provisions. Male supervisors have to act impartially when dealing with instances of gender bias or harassment says Ms. B.S. Selvakumar Vellore T.N. The order is a signal to the top bureaucracy which has been politicised over the past two decades to conduct itself impartially at least during the elections. Government servants should not be seen as supporting directly or indirectly the party in power otherwise the capacity to act impartially will be in doubt. However the Commission should implement its order impartially to provide a level playing field by ensuring that the ruling party and Ministers did not violate its orders. He now has no excuse to put off examining closely and impartially whether rehabilitation has been in compliance with the two Supreme Court rulings of 2000 and 2005 and the Narmada Waters Dispute Tribunal Award NWDTA. My only instruction to them is to investigate any such incident impartially and not be prejudiced by the history of organisations reportedly involved in the attacks. Mr. Kannagi stands on the Marina in Chennai with an anklet in hand reminding the powers that be to act impartially or go the Pandian kings way. They pointed out that the Election Commission had conducted elections in Bihar and West Bengal impartially and wondered why SEC was hesitant though similar powers were vested with it.