impact meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
impact meaning in tamil is தாக்கம்

impact meaning in tamil with example

impact tamil meaning and more example for impact will be given in tamil.
The Confederation of Indian Farmers Association has expressed concern over the debilitating impact the illegal entry of foreign cigarettes was causing on tobacco farmers in the country. The high decibel debates over board composition has been such that these new provisions which are likely to impact the daytoday workings of a company to a greater degree have been relegated to the background. Batra admits the new IRDA norms such as 3 year lockin 5 year minimum term of policies and minimum sum assured may have some temporary impact on the acceptance of these erstwhile popular instruments. Rao is studying different punishments given to children in schools and their impact on the minds and bodies of the children. Kalam said Today the footprints of India and China are increasingly visible and have made an impact on the global landscape in diverse areas. The State Government must immediately apprise the Centre of the adverse impact that SAFTA would have on Kerala economy he said. He is working on University Grants Commissions research project An Evaluation of Impact of Liberalisation and Globalisation on Indian Labour. Kannadigas plan meet NEW DELH. But retired Chief Engineer of Central Public Works Department CPWD and member of the dissolved Mysore Agenda Task Force MATF H.R. Bapu Satyanarayana has expressed concern over the impact of the anticipated IT boom on citys infrastructure. Though conventions of this kind create an opportunity to discuss the problem at length it would not make any political impact as such Dr.