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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Dikshit argued that decentralisation of district courts in Delhi had become imminent due to a large number of litigation cases congestion at the Tis Hazari courts built way back in 1956 and the rapid increase in the Capitals population. Unless the Government checks and controls the price hike many units are in danger of imminent closure and several lakh families will be rendered destitute K. Though the corporation authorities claim that the manholes were deliberately kept higher so as to allow an increase in the level of the roads after imminent relaying motorists point out that the manholes are so high that even several relayings would not bring them on par with the road level. With the imminent emergence of Saudi Arabia as a source of LNG Liquefied Natural Gas we could start discussing longterm contracting for LNG Mr. Kumaraswamy as the leader of the JDS legislature party there is no imminent threat of disqualification of those who have voted for the confidence motion. As the parties expressed divergent views there was no imminent solution to the issue the Commission said. Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vijay Goel on Friday said Delhi traders were preparing for an imminent Delhi bandh in protest against the ongoing demolitions. Yet another split in the Tamil Nadu unit of the AllIndia Forward Bloc AIFB became imminent on Thursday with the suspended general secretary L. Advani on Saturday and apprised him that following the court orders for demolition a large number of people would be rendered jobless as the shops in residential areas face imminent closure.