immigrant meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
immigrant meaning in tamil is குடியேற்றவாசி

immigrant meaning in tamil with example

immigrant tamil meaning and more example for immigrant will be given in tamil.
They had hoped to find jobs after passing the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board Test PLAB 151 a mandatory requirement for all immigrant doctors 151 but most of them are still unemployed months after passing the test. If an immigrant was ugly several officers would leave their desks to go behind a screen and laugh at her passport picture. Rioting by immigrant youth Political pundits began predicting a rough ride for Mr. But not even the keenest political observer could have predicted the political earthquake that hit France last November when bands of enraged suburban immigrant youth mainly North African Arab and black went on a threeweeklong rampage to shake the French Republic to its very foundations. In some of the riottorn suburbs with big immigrant populations unemployment is running at up to 40 per cent compared with 10 per cent among the population at large which is predominantly white and JudeoChristian. The media revealed the plight of several immigrant families forced to live in cheap hotels because they could not find a flat to rent despite legal papers and job certificates. The economic issues cannot be sufficiently emphasised for it is only by working earning money and being financially independent that an immigrant can develop the selfrespect and dignity needed to be a productive member of society. Another critic is Ivone Maria Santana de Souza a 45yearold immigrant from a shantytown in the northeastern city of Olinda who lives on the 19th floor. One centred on an immigrant to London who reinvented himself in Palestine as a servant of the British mandate another told of a communist great uncle who led a union of Jewish tailors in Londons East End the third focussed on my mother whose teenage years were spent in the new state of Israel.