imitation meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
imitation meaning in tamil is ஒன்றைப் போன்று நடித்தல்

imitation meaning in tamil with example

imitation tamil meaning and more example for imitation will be given in tamil.
Terming the concept of laughter clubs as a legacy of the Western culture he said Laughter should be a natural process and should not emerge under force. Laughter should not be through the imitation of an alien culture. Undeterred by the objections raised by the Chief Marshal Ashok Gajapathi Raju and the sudden snapping of the live telecast the proceedings continued mostly in jest an imitation of how leading lights of the treasury and opposition benches speak. Punjab winning its maiden title in 2004 was also awarded an imitation by the local organiser Jamalpur Sports Association. Possibly an inappropriate imitation sought to be imported from some other countries such an amendment to the Indian Penal Code would make the institution of marriage held so high in this countrys ethos not only meaningless but also highly acrimonious. Trapped in mens bodies ostracised by even their parents these sheboys try to hide their identity behind brightlypainted faces and heavy imitation jewellery. Jaswant Singh in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday as a poor imitation of official U.S. government correspondence. Unofficially the suggestion was that the document was forged. Had we been asked we would have pointed out that it is a poor imitation of official U.S. correspondence. It was at the morning meeting of leaders in the chamber of Mr. But Chinas achievements in education gender empowerment and food security for households the result of a mix of sound economic policy and political will are equally imitation worthy.