imitate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
imitate meaning in tamil is மற்றவரைப்போலச் செய்

imitate meaning in tamil with example

imitate tamil meaning and more example for imitate will be given in tamil.
Veezhinathan said as human nature was to imitate role models men of wisdom who had no motive for engaging in action continued to discharge their duties so that the mind of others who looked up to them does not get confused. The participants were of the view that Malayalis tried to imitate the flamboyant lifestyles and fashions of the U.S. and the West. The Tories after losing three consecutive general elections under three separate leaders have now decided to imitate Labour by moving towards the centre. Teenagers may imitate the dress and mannerisms of their favourite stars but responsible adults do not. He urged the public to inform the District Electrical Inspector if they came across any stunt performance using electricity especially because of the tendency of children to imitate it. The lives of saints and preceptors bear testimony to the truth that though they were realised souls they continued to be engaged in the ordained duties of worship since it is natural for ordinary people to imitate whatever a great man does and follow the example thus set. However he makes it clear that he does not imitate other peoples works or styles as he wants to develop his own separate identity. We should not blindly imitate the freedom licentiousness of the West that has lost the sense of the holy. The younger generation is easily influenced by statements made by Bollywood stars and tend to try and imitate their lifestyle. Many had been there they were fascinated by Britain and had been trying to imitate the yachting and foxhunting style.