imagine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
imagine meaning in tamil is கற்பனை செய்துபார்

imagine meaning in tamil with example

imagine tamil meaning and more example for imagine will be given in tamil.
V.R. Pillai Thiruvananthapuram In Britain if the looks of its author are what makes a book good imagine the state of affairs in India. It was as well they noticed the flaws immediately imagine their plight if they had not done so and used them to pay for their purchases. Swaminathan Lions district governor presides Makkal Mandram Thillai Nagar 11 a.m. Saranathan College of Engineering Presentation on Imagine Cup 2006 by Microsoft 10 a.m. Jenneys Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management Red Ribbon Club G. Moody said he had told them to imagine what it was like facing Lees pace by drawing on their previous experiences facing Pakistani quick Shoaib Akhtar and New Zealands Shane Bond. If despite subsidy the number of hungry has increased alarmingly one can imagine the effects of cutting it. Unique examination IMAGINE AN examination hall without invigilators. One can imagine the cost and time that is going to be unnecessarily frittered away by such whimsically conceived projects. But the beauty of the statue is its sense of proportion and a visitor can hardly imagine that the length of the middle finger could be five ft or each foot could measure more than 8 ft said Dr. Can you imagine the joy of being aloft in the wind and soaring above seeing what the earth looks like from way up there. But let no one imagine that this crisis can be solved simply by giving the present A.U. mission a U.N. hat. Any new mission will need a strong and clear mandate allowing it to protect those under threat by force if necessary as well as the means to do so.