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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
image meaning in tamil is அமைகை

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The MLA and his supporters immediately staged a sitin in front of the hospital in protest against this and to demand that steps be taken to resolve the alleged irregularities harming the image of the hospital. He happened to be the only political leader with a panIndian image at a time when India was changing and needed a new but nonthreatening face. The BJPs image so far was linked to the powerful charisma of leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani. On Saturday last Ms Singh had said that by charging her with grabbing a bungalow in Gonda which reportedly belonged to the PAC the PAC chief wanted to tarnish the image of her husband and become the next DGP. Once one obtained a ration card he could not take another anywhere in the State as the iris image stored in the system would immediately give an alert. A weakPakistantryingtosurvive was an image that she had found in the corridors of New Delhi Washington DC and elsewhere. In his New Year message to them the Minister acknowledged that the Railways have done exceedingly well in turning around the financial health of the nations lifeline and said that there was need to do much more to improve our image in the minds of passengers. Sophisticated Iris cameras are being employed to capture the image of eye which is a more reliable system of personal identification compared to fingerprints. The museum also houses other interesting exhibits like an image of Buddha discovered at Alluru a part of Asokas edict dhamma sthamba drum slabs of the mahastupa objects belonging to Jain thirtankaras dhammachakra discovered at Lingarajupalle among many others.