ignore meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ignore meaning in tamil is புறக்கணி

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The recalcitrant member has apparently decided to ignore the appeal and the international outcry evoked by its insensitive action. Some countries notably Norway Iceland and Japan either ignore the 19year old moratorium on commercial hunting or exploit an exceptional provision that allows scientific permits to be issued for lethal research on whales. Even if he fails to do so the IHF cannot ignore it as an aberration considering the media exposure of the fracas. One tends to ignore them in spite of being fully informed. Icons of the youth such as Jackie Shroff Sunidhi Chauhan and Rahul Dravid have expressed their solidarity with SWAT. Stating that the Government cannot afford to ignore the tribal concerns he said it would face consequences if the tribal groups were displaced. No bias He said the party that had favoured elevation of persons belonging to the minority communities even to the post of president would not ignore the interests of Vanniyars who constituted the majority in Tamil Nadu. He urged Marathispeaking people of the district to ignore the boundary dispute since no such dispute can be solved without mutual consent of the States concerned. C.P. Srinivasan Chennai We can ill afford to ignore peoples pangs of hunger. Hundreds of cases have been filed in various courts against such buildings but civic authorities continue to ignore the court ruling he said. Buoyed by the Supreme Court observation of January 13 allowing such colleges to go ahead with the examination the association has decided to ignore the committees direction and go ahead with the postgraduate entrance examination to be held by the end of the month.