ignite meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ignite meaning in tamil is தீப்பற்றுதல் எரிதல்

ignite meaning in tamil with example

ignite tamil meaning and more example for ignite will be given in tamil.
A small source of ignition will ignite the airfuel mixture which in turn will be transmitted to the place where highly volatile and inflammable materials are stored and handled. Two Congress MLAs Gade Venkat Reddy and Mandali Buddha Prasad and Payyavula Keshav of the Telugu Desam besides leaders of the Andhra Pradesh NonGazetted Officers Association regretted that political forces were trying to ignite passions in the name of region. Now taking the example of the Chakachak movement they are trying to ignite a movement to ensure safety for children on the citys streets. For any sporting activity campfire forms part of the quintessential agenda primarily to ignite the sense of camaraderie among players. Pointing out that the trend of less students pursuing science as their career was prevalent all over the world he said teachers of science should ignite the youth to develop the spirit of enquiry and enable them to acquire a deep interest in the subject. Padman CEO The Thought Ignite Foundation CMA premises Race Course 5.45 p.m. CODISSI. In a press release issued here on Wednesday it said that any further delay in implementation of this GO issued two decades ago would result in irreparable loss to the employees of the Telangana region and also ignite the regional hatred between the regions. Venkateswarlu former MP as the guest of honour students could not have hoped for a better ambience to ignite their passions. The award is called Exemplar because the awardees are true role models who will ignite the spirit of community service in all of us especially women Sunil Mittal of Bharati Enterprises said while introducing the awardees.