hypocrisy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hypocrisy meaning in tamil is தான் நம்பாத, உள்ளொன்று வைத்து புறமொன்று பேசுதல்

hypocrisy meaning in tamil with example

hypocrisy tamil meaning and more example for hypocrisy will be given in tamil.
This blatant misuse of Government funds for personal gains has exposed the hypocrisy of Congress leaders. K.M.G. Vivekanandam Madurai T.N. The Congress must stop this hypocrisy of being committed to the politics of coalition but seeking power on its own. The only way they see a change in attitude is through nonviolent protests through art that exposes the hypocrisy of violence that causes only suffering. Today the hypocrisy has melted away mostly because the new Indian middle class has come to believe in itself and its capacity to work its way around a globalised world. Bush in effect was driving a coach and horses through the treaty in order to suit his own strategic ends 151 a move that invites the accusation of hypocrisy from other nuclear states and wannabes not so favoured the editorial says. Jitendra writerjournalist who translated the book into Hindi pointed out the hypocrisy of civil society. And if the hypocrisy doesnt sound bad enough there is the constant prospect of being bullied into submitting to all suggestions and ideas emanating from the superpowers. The KGOU leader called upon the employees to see through the hypocrisy of such service organisations. Inveighing against their hypocrisy he angered the Jewish religious leaders who had Jesus arraigned before the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate and crucified him. Let us spare ourselves the hypocrisy of shocked responses that is de rigueur for a citizenry which has never bothered to see that abuse and exploitation have been around for ages.