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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
household meaning in tamil is குடும்பம், வீடு

household meaning in tamil with example

household tamil meaning and more example for household will be given in tamil.
The ration permitted for a household was insufficient for hosting a dinner after wedding even for influential landlords. A household help walks in with her basket of waste looks around to see if anyone is watching her even as she mentally decides whether to dump it further inside the plot or just on the road. He told reporters that it had been a practice among the revellers to dispose of the old materials from household by burning them. It reduced the monthly allocation for the APL from 35 to 20 kg a household and for the BPL and Antyodaya Anna Yojna beneficiaries from 35 to 30 kg. The household items are delicate and not used regularly even by the Japanese as plastic imitations have replaced the fine pieces. The recent floods had caused an enormous damage to household property besides mental agony to the residents most of whom suffered heavy losses. Wide variety Bedspreads and sheets dhotis towels blankets mattresses and pillows and a lot many things required for the household are available at the stalls at the fair. Bhogi was celebrated with traditional zeal in Tirupati on Friday when residents gathered and burnt the household junk material on the streets. 15 lakhs including dowry and household articles to Gopal at the time of marriage and that Gopal was harassing his daughter using foul language and manhandling her for the additional dowry. Human development He said human development was a result of household and individual activity where the State was just a facilitator. While the daily quantum of household waste in the city is estimated at 150 tonnes hotels generate 20 tonnes and commercial establishments contribute 25 tonnes.