hound meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hound meaning in tamil is வேட்டை நாய்

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hound tamil meaning and more example for hound will be given in tamil.
The data for the two landmark papers of Professor Hwang on cloning of human embryos published in Science in March 2004 and June 2005 have been confirmed to have been fabricated the cloning of the Afghan hound Snuppy reported in Nature last year has been found to be true. Sumeet Seth Kaithal Haryana The Opposition which sees Sonia Gandhis exit as a result of its pressure should make similar efforts to hound out all those holding offices of profit. In a statement here on Thursday he alleged that it was because the bid to involve him in the case connected with the death of five youths in the police firing at Koothuparamba failed that an attempt was being made to hound him over the attempt on life incident which took place 11 years ago. The third best was Kalpana N.Settys Siberian Husky Aust.Am.Ch.Suthanlites Law Breaker while the fourth was an Afghan hound dog Aust.Ind.Ch.Tahkira What The Hell owned by Balakrishna Setty. Weak global markets continued to hound the Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark Sensex which crashed by a steep 460.95 points amid selling by mutual funds due to redemption pressure. He sent around one of his men this morning to collect the body. While the staff were working to restore the display it became clear that the Hound Dog would not be present anymore. If the information is correct then it is as if the Centre has decided to smear my face and hound me out of the country the way the Imam of a city mosque had allegedly decreed some months ago. Jayaram Hong Kong Stray Dog menace Sir 151 Dozens of stray dogs hound people using the road opposite The Forum mall road to Thavarakare main road near Ayyappa Swamy temple.