hostage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hostage meaning in tamil is பிணையக்கைதி, பயணக் கைதி

hostage meaning in tamil with example

hostage tamil meaning and more example for hostage will be given in tamil.
Four foreign oil workers held hostage in Nigeria have been released a Government spokesman said on Monday. Our collective fortunes seem to be hostage to two kinds of infirmities a fragmented polity as no political party is capable of commanding the confidence of the majority and second a new itch for institutional overreaching. Activists of the Njettayil Janakeeya Samara Samiti on Monday protested against the allegations that they had held hostage 19 members of Elamballur grama panchayat for razing down an unauthorised toddy shop functioning from Njettayil. The clear articulation of Hindu nationalism could no longer be hostage to the arrogance of other communities especially after the protection of foreign rule had been removed. In Iran a proud people is held hostage by a small clerical elite that denies basic liberties sponsors terrorism and pursues nuclear weapons. Our nations must not pretend that the people of these countries prefer their own enslavement. About 50 naxalites came to the Bhansi railway station about 500 km from here early morning after taking hostage all the railway staff present there and planted a landmine in the main building. The naxalites took hostage an engine driver before decamping with two wireless sets and exploding the electric engine police told PTI. The Commissioner said the accused and the hostage were traced on Monday in Belgaum and were brought to Hubli. The team set ablaze two drilling rigs two water pumps two trucks and a jeep and organised a gram sabha at Peddagattu after taking hostage 26 employees of the AMD.