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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
hospitality meaning in tamil is உபசரிப்பு, விருந்தோம்பல்

hospitality meaning in tamil with example

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In all 35 Indian workers from the State who were working in a hospitality company in the United Arab Emirates UAE under difficult circumstances had returned to the country thanks to the intervention of the Indian Embassy. Ahamed in a demiofficial letter to Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on December 20 said the Embassy in UAE had informed the Centre that the workers of the Hospitality Catering and Services Company LLC in Al Ain had approached them on September 12 regarding pending salary for over three months. In their submission they said that Section 30 of the Act imposed unconstitutional restrictions on the rights of women to pursue their profession in hotel management and the other facets of the hospitality industry. Academically the aim of Fandango first started in 1993 is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of the students being groomed for the hospitality industry. He was the Lordincarnate yet Krishna went to a preceptor to study extended hospitality to His childhood friend Sudama by washing his feet when he visited Him in Dwaraka and became Arjunas charioteer during the war. The Sonia and Rahul Gandhi factors had much to do with the utmost care taken in extending hospitality to them. To make this place tourist friendly the focus will be on ensuring hygiene hospitality and reception to visitors. Local people will be trained on the right ways of catering and hospitality to ensure comfort to the tourists the Collector said. Despite chilling winds and low temperatures the Chinese officials accorded warm hospitality to the Indian military delegation led by Brigadier Manvendra Singh which arrived at the Chinese Moldo Garrison in area opposite Ladakh on January 24.